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How to become a better writer in English
August 28, 2018

Introduction A high number of people struggle to write in English, in particular, those who English is their second language. Their attempts to put down brilliant ideas into a paper is always disheartening, as they almost never take shape, due to long sentences that fail to make meaning, or too short while their grammar becomes incomprehensible leading to poorly written content. Writing, therefore, results in frustration, distress, and helplessness. Nevertheless, by following simple steps, you can improve...
Activities to Improve Writing Skills For Adults
August 25, 2018

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of most adults these days as being asked to write a blog post, proposals, reports or even responding to important emails. One would ask, “Why is this?” Most of them would respond, “Well writing is difficult.” One may be capable of stringing sentences together to make a paragraph that provides the necessary information but writing a convincing and elaborate content that engages all people may be an uphill task. When it comes to writing, some people fair better...

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